Monday, February 28, 2011

Commodity Classic Here We Come!

Kevin and I are heading to the Commodity Classic tomorrow!  We are both going to be very busy there this year.  Kevin is going as a delegate for the Iowa Corn Growers and I'm attending as a speaker and exhibitor for CommonGround
The Commodity Classic is the annual convention and trade show of the American Soybean Association, National Corn Growers Association, National Association of Wheat Growers and National Sorghum Producers.  

Kevin and I have been going to the Commodity Classic since 2006 with the exception of last year.  It's a pretty special convention for the both of us, since we meet there!  

Back in 2006 I was working for RCIS as a Trade Show Consultant and was attending my first Commodity Classic.  On Friday, which was day two of the trade show, a nice young man stopped by my booth to talk to me.  His name was Lance.  We were just chatting away, when another nice young man stopped and started talking to us too.  His name was Kevin.  It seemed that Lance and Kevin knew each other.  They explained that they were at another booth an aisle over.  To make a long story short, I ended up hanging out with their group that evening and also again the next evening.  By the time we flew home two days later, I called my mom and sisters and told them that I had meet the man I was going to marry!  I found out quite awhile later that Kevin had told his dad that he had meet the woman he was going to marry also!  

Kevin and I ended up meeting up at the airport and had lunch together before we flew home on separate flights that Sunday.  We didn't see each other for about a week and a half because he went straight from the Commodity Classic to an overseas trip for the I-LEAD program that he was in, but when he got home, I went to visit him on his farm that was only about an hour and a half away.  And the rest, as they say, is history!  Six months later we were engaged and six months after that we were married (after we attended the 2007 Commodity Classic together).  

So because of the Commodity Classic, Kevin and I met!  Last year we were unable to attend the convention because our baby was due any day.  HD finally arrived on March 8th, so we will be having a 1st birthday party when we get home next week!  

Anyway, back to my duties at the Commodity Classic.  During the trade show hours, I will be in either the National Corn Growers or the American Soybean Association's booth as a representative for CommonGround.  We will be introducing CommonGround at the national level there at the Commodity Classic.  It is very exciting!  Also, on Friday, from 1-2pm we will be holding a learning session about the Commodity Classic, so if you are attending the convention, please stop by!

Each day during the Commodity Classic, I will try to give you updates on the new happenings in these industries.  So please stay tuned!  I will also be doing twitter updates, so please follow me @sarashousehd or follow me on Facebook at Sara's House HD!  Thanks!  Next post will be from warm and sunny Tampa, FL!