Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lost Without My Laptop

Ok, so I did something really dumb last Saturday.  I was sitting at the kitchen table working on my "new" laptop and drinking a bottle of water, when all of a sudden my hand reached out and knocked over my open water bottle right on top of my laptop.  I have no idea what came over my hand, what I was reaching for or what I was thinking!  UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

I immediately tipped it upside down so the water could drip out.  I didn't think that it looked like much had gotten spilled and my computer was still on, so I thought that I was ok!  Well, a bit later, after I thought I had gotten all the water out, I noticed the wireless connection wasn't work so I restarted my laptop and it still didn't fix it.  So I tried restarting again and this time it just wouldn't turn back on at all.  So I set it upside down and crossed my fingers that it would dry out and be good as new.  This same thing happened to Kevin's laptop right after he got it.  (Neither of us should be allowed to have any kind of liquids around our new laptops I guess!)  Anyway his laptop came out of it ok!  So I was hoping!!!!

This new laptop is a Macbook Air that I had just gotten after Christmas.  I absolutely loved it!  It was so lightweight and FAST!  I'm new to the Mac world, but we were getting along great!  It was my most favorite electronic gadget that I have ever had!  I had bought it at Best Buy since they had free financing for two years.  And I did NOT pay for the extra warranty that would cover accidental mishaps.  (Not smart!)

This laptop was to be used for my/our personal things.  I had JUST gotten all of our iTunes music, photos, documents and videos transferred over to it.  I had also gotten some new apps from the App Store downloaded to it along with some new software.  It was all set up and ready to go!  I had my whole life on it basically!  All of HD's pictures and videos from the past 11 months, all of my CommonGround documents, videos and presentation, our expense sheets, etc. were all on there.  And now it wouldn't turn on.  I was hoping by the next day that it would be all better if I just let it sit for awhile. 

So on Sunday I took a deep breath and pushed the power button.  Nothing.  I pushed it again.  Still nothing.  I just wanted to cry!  If I lost all of the stuff on there I was going to be very upset.  But I told myself that the Geek Squad can fix anything and they will make it all better when I go visit them on Monday. 

So Monday after work, I loaded up HD and we drove a half hour to Best Buy.  A Geek Squad person took one look at it and said “Sorry, we can’t help you.  Apple makes it hard for anyone else to get into their computers, so you will have to take it to them.”  UGH!

So, I loaded HD back up and we drove another half hour out to the Apple store in West Omaha.  The greeter guy at the front of the store gave me the news that I did NOT want to hear, “Because this is a MacBook Air, it does not have a hard drive.  It has flash storage and when the water gets in there it sends bolts of electricity all over inside and usually fries everything, but we can have someone take a look and see if there is anything they can do.”  Awesome.  Great.  Thank you very much for that wonderful news mister greeter man.

So, HD (who was sound asleep in my arms) and I made our way to the back of the Apple Store and waited for the next technician.  When our turn was up, I explained to him what happened and he said he’d take in into the back and see how bad it was.”  So I sat there holding HD praying that he could save it! 

He came back a few minutes later and told me that all the triggers points were triggered and that I lost everything.  But he would look and see what my options were.  Ok, great!  So, I sat there waiting for him to tell me that I had to buy a new laptop. 

After some clicking around on his computer, he said that he could send it in and Apple would redo the entire inside of my computer for $755, but since this is the first time that this has happened to me they would do it for free this one time. 

“Free?!?!”  Yes, Apple must have a policy that they will do it for free the first time, but if it ever happens again you’re going to pay!  I couldn’t believe this since I hadn’t even bought that laptop at Apple!  This guy was my new best friend (even though he couldn’t save any info from it)!  He said that it would take 5-7 days and they would ship it (for free) directly to my house.  It would be like having a brand new laptop again!

As I left the store that day, I decided there are worse things in life than loosing all your stuff on your computer.  I still had a majority of the pictures, videos and music on our other computers, so it will just be a matter of transferring it all over to my new Mac when I get it in the mail.  So, it really ended up pretty good, considering it didn’t cost me anything at all!

From now on, I will be dealing directly with an Apple store for any Mac items or issues.  They were great and hopefully in a few days my new laptop will arrive on my doorstep!  Can’t wait as I feel really lost without it!  And there will be now liquids allowed withing a 50 mile radius of it!  This is not going to happen again! 

If you are looking for a lightweight, fast, long battery life laptop, take a look at the new MacBook Airs.  They are fantastic!

(*This is all my own thoughts and comments.  Apple and Best Buy had no say in any of this article.)

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  1. Can I just say that I LOVE that recipe and use it all the time...And the first batch I made turned out terrible and ever since then it just turns up amazing! Maybe you have to mess up that first time to really get it right all the times after that!