Friday, February 18, 2011

Sunny Days

I'll never forget this one time when I was driving down the road near our home and I looked over at our neighbor's horses.  I noticed that four of them were standing up eating hay and the other one was laying there....dead?!?!  I immediately called Kevin and asked if horses normally lay completely on their sides with their legs stretched straight out.  He calmly asked, "Is it sunny out?"  I replied, "Yes, it is, why?"  He then went on to explain that it was one of the first sunny days that we had in a long time and that the horse was probably just laying their sunning itself.  Whew! 

Well, today over lunch I noticed that all our animals on our farm were doing the same thing.  We've had a few days this week in the 50 and 60s and they have been taking full advantage of it.  It's not suppose to stay this nice for long (it is only the middle of February), I'm sure we are due for a few more snow storms before Spring is really here, but we'll enjoy it while it lasts!


Young Bulls.  The one standing up is named Linus.

Older Bulls.  The middle one laying down is named Charlie Brown.  We like Charlie Brown character's names.  :)  There is a Lucy on our farm too, but I couldn't get down the muddy hill to take a picture of her!

Kitty.  That's her real name.

George.  Not sure if that's his real name, but that's the name that we gave him when he showed up on our farm.  He seems to like it since he answers to it!

Doggy.  I know, we are real original around our farm.  But when Kevin got her, he didn't like her name, so he unnamed her and said we can call her whatever we want.  She has numerous names, like Doggy (that's the one that I use), Mutsy (that's what Kevin's grandma Marian calls her), Barbaro or Barbie (that's what some friends call her) and  Reba (that's what I think Kevin's uncle calls her.  She's not too confused.  She answers when I call her Doggy!  I hope that having a cat named Kitty and a dog named Doggy doesn't confuse HD someday!  It should be fun trying to explain that she is a dog and her name is Doggy and that is a cat and her name is Kitty.  Hahah! 

HD on our walk yesterday!  It was so nice outside! 

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