Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Busy Weekend on the Farm

This past weekend was pretty busy around our farm for Kevin and all of his family members.  Kevin finished up harvest on our farm (YEAH!) and then moved over to the other farm where his brother and sister-in-law live about five miles away.  His dad was hauling grain to town all day for him on Saturday (and also Sunday), but Greg (Kevin's dad), Rhonda, HD and I got to help Kevin move everything over to the other farm.  My job was to drive behind the piece of equipment that Kevin was driving with my flashers on for a safety precaution and then bring everyone back to get the rest of the equipment.

Then at 7am on Sunday morning we all loaded up (Kevin's parents Greg and Rhonda, his brother Jim, sister-in-law Nancy, Grandma Marian, HD and I) and we helped move our cattle from one corn field, up the road and into another corn field.  It went very smoothly and we only had to have one vehicle stop and wait a minute for us.

HD working hard at moving cattle (aka eating breakfast).

Here come the cows.  

They walked nice and orderly up the road right at me.  I was blocking a hole about twice as wide as me between the bumper of the pickup and the fence, so I was hoping that they would just mosey on in through the gate that lead them to the field.  And they did!

Happy cows!

It looks like it is snowing, but it's just corn chaff blowing
around in the breeze!

Then it was back to harvesting for Kevin!  As of yesterday afternoon, we only have about 80 or so acres left to go!  Kevin's hoping to be done this week, but it started raining late yesterday afternoon and continued through the night and it's suppose to rain some more this afternoon, so that will probably keep him out of the field for a few days.  In a way, it's nice to have a little break.  Kevin's been harvesting until late every night and I know that he's got to be exhausted.  So hopefully he can rest up and get some work done around the farm in the next day or two and then Hopefully Mother Nature will cooperate and get things dried up so the farmers can get back in the fields to finish up with harvest!


  1. We just got done moving cattle the other day. We did it down a dirt road though, can't imagine trying to do it on the highway! You look like you were parked in the same spot as I was. I was wishing I had my camera at that moment :) I really like your blog, I found you from the Iowa Common Ground site.

  2. Thanks Debbie! I think it's always interesting how everyone finds my blog! I'll definitely check your's out too!