Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sara's Weekly Finds

Hello!  Happy Saturday!  Hope you are all having a good weekend!  The boys and I spent a few days this week out at my parent's house on the lake.  It was really nice weather and HD and Grandpa got to "camp" out in the camper (in the driveway), go fishing, and play in the water.  Fun times!

Here are some of my favorite posts from this week:

Country Fried Pork Chops by Angel at Positively Angel

I met Angel at an Iowa Blogger Meet-up a few months ago.  She has some really delicious looking recipes on her blog that I need to try out.  My family loves pork chops so I'm sure this would go over real well at our house!  This will be on the menu the next time we eat them!  

How to Keep Your House Clean with Kids by Becky at Clean Mama

I am always fighting this battle at our house.  I am a MUCH happier person when my house is cleaned.  I don't know why, but if I walk in to our house and it's a disaster I just want to pick it up right away.  Hudson is getting to an age where he can definitely help out with some of the cleaning "chores".  And I recently started doing (at least) one load of laundry a day just to keep up with all of our clothes.  And one other thing that Becky suggests is to pick up the toys every night.  Even if I know that we will be home the next day, we still pick up the toys before bed each night.

Green Chile Steak Tacos by Sommer at A Spicy Perspective

I met Sommer at the 2013 Iowa Corn Blogger Tour and she has the best recipes!  I LOVE Mexican food and I think these green chile steak tacos look fabulous!  Another recipe I will be trying out soon!

When Mama Is Sick by Tales from the Mommy Trenches

I've been in this situation a time or two where you are so sick that you can't even manage to take care of the kids.  Thank goodness for my husband and family that can help out!  Kevin and I are very lucky to have a lot of family that lives close by or close enough to come and help with our kids.  We definitely couldn't be involved in all that we are with out their love and support.

Strawberry Simple Syrup by Katie at Katie's Cucina

It is strawberry season and my garden has been producing some really tasty ones!  I'm always looking for new ways to use them and making a strawberry simple syrup to mix with both kid and adult beverages sounds like a great tasty way to use some of them!

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  1. Thank you for sharing my pork recipe Sara! It looks like you got a lot of great finds here. I think I need to make some Steak Tacos for supper tonight, yum :)

    1. No problem Angel! Can't wait to make the steak tacos too!